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06 Sep

Jonathan M. Marlin, a member of the firm’s workers’ compensation group representing employers and insurers in both Maryland and the District of Columbia, won a jury verdict in the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County, Maryland, on behalf of an employer in the corporate retail space. The matter involved an employee’s workers’ compensation claim against the employer, whereby the employee-claimant received a decision from the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission (Commission) issuing a permanent partial disability finding of 15% industrial loss of use of the body due to a back injury, 6% causally related and 9% pre-existing.

An appeal of the aforementioned decision was filed by the employee-claimant. A two-day jury trial was held on June 29-30, 2022. Following deliberations, the jury affirmed the Commission’s finding making no changes to the Commission’s written decision. Correspondingly, Judge Gladys M. Weatherspoon issued an Order affirming the Commission’s Award.