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Friedlander Misler is a boutique law firm that has been resolving business disputes since 1964. Our goal is to reach the best results possible in every case. To do so, we analyze the potential outcomes, costs, time and effect on relationships before recommending any course of action.  Alternative dispute resolution refers to any method of resolving a dispute other than through litigation in a court.  The two most common forms of alternative dispute resolution are mediation and arbitration.  


Mediation can often be an effective means of reaching an equitable resolution to a dispute, particularly if any of these factors are present:

  • The need for confidentiality
  • A desire to preserve  business relationships that might otherwise become strained during litigation
  • A need for a relatively expeditiousness resolution to the dispute
  • The amount in dispute exceeds the likely cost of litigation

Our firm develops a comprehensive strategy to reach your objectives at mediation.   Although the approach is less confrontational than trial, we are no less aggressive about reaching the best possible results.  Mediation, however, is not binding, so its success depends on both parties’ willingness to come to an agreement.


It is becoming exceedingly common for contracts to require binding arbitration.  In other cases, the parties may prefer arbitration over litigation.  Arbitration presents a quasi-judicial option for resolving a dispute.   Unlike a proceeding before a judge, arbitration ensures your dispute will be resolved by an individual, or individuals, that have industry-specific knowledge and experience.  Additionally, arbitration typically utilizes a less formal, and more streamlined, approach to discovery and the rules of evidence.  Nonetheless, an arbitration hearing works much like a trial; the parties have the opportunity to present evidence, examine witnesses, and make their arguments as they would in a courtroom.      

Arbitration results in a binding decision that will typically have the same effect as a judgment reached at a trial before a court.  As an added benefit, an arbitration ruling offers little possibility of appeal.  This means, in nearly every case, that your dispute is truly resolved at the arbitration hearing; the prospect of years of appeals is avoided  

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