Professional Liability

Legal Support During Errors and Omissions Litigation

Friedlander Misler is a boutique Washington, DC law firm founded in 1964 to assist businesses and professionals with commercial litigation matters. Our boutique law firm regularly defends professionals who face professional liability claims in the District of Columbia, Virginia and Maryland.

Our firm can guide you through the process of resolving a professional liability claim that is filed against you or your company. We handle all aspects of errors and omissions liability lawsuits, including insurance coverage, settlement negotiations and litigation, in a variety of industries.

Errors and Omissions Insurance Coverage

No matter how carefully you perform your job duties, you are not immune to lawsuits. In fact, errors and omissions litigation is commonly brought against securities brokers, real estate brokers, directors, officers, lawyers, accountants, financial services, engineers, architects, contractors and other professionals.

Friedlander Misler assists you with risk management that avoids financial losses due to errors and omissions. We advise you on purchasing an appropriate E&O policy that covers negligence damages, attorneys’ fees and litigation costs in case an error and omission is alleged against you or your company.

Our attorneys conduct a full investigation into the errors and omissions allegations. We understand highly technical data and have access to renowned experts in the industries we deal with. We conduct extensive research to fully understand the facts of your case, your potential liability and defenses. Our team has substantial experience in clearly and persuasively presenting complex evidence to juries and judges.

Directors and Officers liability

Directors and officers often come under fire for losses resulting from a merger, an acquisition, a corporate sale, a public stock offering or another business transaction. When a deal goes south, stockholders may try to recoup their losses from the decision-makers, no matter how diligent the directors and officers were in their duties of care, loyalty and good faith.

Our law firm protects your rights during director and officer litigation. We show that you fulfilled your fiduciary duties to the corporation you serve and acted reasonably when making decisions for the company. Our lawyers are skilled at presenting evidence of business judgment and reasonableness and other effective defenses against claims of a breach of your duties.

Learn More About Defending Yourself or Your Company Against Professional Liability Claims

Friedlander Misler represents professionals and corporations that face errors and omissions claims. Our legal team assists you in insurance negotiations, settlement mediations and litigations related to E&O lawsuits. For more information about how our experienced law firm can help you resolve a liability claim, schedule a consultation at our District of Columbia law office. You can reach Friedlander Misler by calling 202-872-0800.