Workers’ Compensation

Minimizing Employers’ and Insurers’ Liability in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia

Friedlander Misler is a 60 year-old boutique employment law firm that represents employers, insurance providers, third-party administrators, self-insurers and uninsured employers in workers’ compensation liability claims in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. Our attorneys assist our clients in risk management, to protect their companies from claims that may raise the costs of workers’ compensation insurance and affect workplace productivity. As employment lawyers, they also conduct a full evaluation of employer policies and employee handbooks to recommend ways of reducing workplace incidents while remaining in compliance with the laws.

Our attorneys vigorously defend against unfounded claims of workplace injuries and challenge medical charges when appropriate, but they also seek to mitigate and bring to favorable resolution meritorious injury claims. Lawyers in the Workers’ Compensation division also present seminars to clients, insurers, and claims administrators that review updates to the laws, cover recent case decisions, and provide practical information about workers’ compensation claim handling in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia.

Workers’ Compensation Defense

The District of Columbia

Friedlander Misler played a role in the initial drafting of the District of Columbia Workers’ Compensation Act of 1979, which governs workplace injuries that occur while an employee is working for an employer in Washington, DC, or for an employer that is principally located in DC. Our attorneys regularly appear before the Office of Workers’ Compensation of the Department of Employment Services, the agency charged with administration of the District of Columbia Workers’ Compensation Act. They also appear at all levels of proceedings before the agency, including informal conferences, formal hearings, appeals to the Compensation Review Board, and appeals to the District of Columbia Court of Appeals.

Our attorneys also handle matters involving the predecessor Act, the District of Columbia Workers’ Compensation Act of 1928, including appeals to the Benefits Review Board and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

The State of Maryland

In Maryland, our attorneys practice before the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission. They appear before the Commission at hearing locations around the state, and pursue appeals to the Circuit Courts, including jury trials, bench trials and dispositive motions, and through the appellate process to the Court of Special Appeals and Court of Appeals.

The Commonwealth of Virginia

Our attorneys practice before the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission, both at the main Commission office in Richmond, and at the various regional offices throughout the Commonwealth. Our practice includes evidentiary hearings, proceedings conducted on the record, alternate dispute resolution conferences, and appeals taken to both the Full Commission and to the Virginia Court of Appeals.

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