Commercial Finance

Representing Financial Institutions and Borrowers

Friedlander Misler has represented financial institutions in the D.C. Metropolitan area and around the country for 60 years. Our firm assists local, regional and national money center banks with real estate loan transactions involving construction, acquisition and development, including issuing lines of credit. We also advise lenders on foreclosures and workouts on delinquent commercial loans. Our lawyers are also knowledgeable about the Federal Reserve Regulation D compliance matters.

Businesses rely on us to negotiate favorable real estate and commercial loans that provide capital and operational support to their businesses. We handle commercial loan transactions from origination through repayment and take steps, as required, to protect collateral. Our recommendations are based upon our clients’ immediate and long-term goals.

Whether you are a financial institution, an investor or a business seeking financial backing, our lawyers have the experience to negotiate the best terms and to protect your interests in the transaction. We also effectively resolve problems related to loan repayment.

Loan Origination

Our financial lending team assists with the loan origination process on commercial lending transactions. We conduct due diligence on loan risks, regulatory compliance, collateral valuation and other important factors related to the loan application. Our participation helps clients reduce risks of default on the loan and protects the lending institution if the borrower does indeed default.

When representing borrowers, we negotiate term sheets, commitment letters and loan documents.  We also work closely with our clients to comply with the lender’s due diligence requirements to ensure a smooth and timely closing.  Since we have significant experience handling these transactions from a lender’s perspective, we find that we can craft solutions to issues raised by a lender in its underwriting review before such issues create delay or complications.

When structuring loan transactions, we meticulously analyze your particular needs to tailor the specific financing solutions accordingly.

Workouts and Foreclosure

Friedlander Misler assists lender clients with all aspects of servicing a loan and protecting their financial interests should the borrower default. Our initial steps to reduce risks and establish safeguards occur during the loan origination process.

Once a default has occurred, we take decisive steps to mitigate any damages incurred or to be incurred by the lender. If the borrower has filed for bankruptcy, we represent our clients’ best interests during reorganization of the business or liquidation of assets. Our goal during bankruptcy proceedings is to recover the maximum amount on both secured and unsecured loans.

When handling a mortgage default, we advise clients on their options, and consider the costs of litigation and the potential results before recommending the best course of action. Often, we are able to help restructure the loan to allow the debtor to satisfy delinquencies and make future payments, and ultimately repay the loan in full. We might negotiate a workout if the debtor cannot satisfy the note even with adjustments to the loan terms. If foreclosure becomes necessary, we follow strict protocol to ensure that our client remains in compliance during the foreclosure process such that the client can fully realize upon its remedies.

If a borrower client is unable to meet its obligations to creditors, we analyze available options and advise on steps to take in order to minimize liability and protect our client’s investment.  We have significant experience negotiating workouts on behalf of borrower clients when bankruptcy is and is not a viable option.

Consult Our Financial Legal Counselors

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