Property and Fire Loss Claims

Protecting Businesses and Insurance Companies

Friedlander Misler was founded in the District of Columbia and serves businesses throughout DC, Virginia and Maryland. Since we opened our doors more than a half century ago, we have grown into one of the most well-respected litigation law firms in the region. We maintain the tradition of ethics and hard work upon which our firm was established, and remain ahead of the curve on new technology and methods of research and investigation.

Our law firm assists regional and national businesses and insurance companies with issues concerning property and fire loss claims. We advise organizations on risk management matters, such as obtaining the proper insurance coverage and documenting your property in case of loss. If property damages occur, we act decisively to protect your claim and secure payment to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible.

We also defend insurance companies when policyholders make uncovered, overvalued or fraudulent claims under their policies, as well as bad faith allegations made in relation to commercial losses. We conduct a thorough investigation of the facts, write informative insurance coverage opinions and defend your company during litigation.

Calculating Damages

Accurately valuing property and calculating damages is a highly complex process. Adding to the challenge, fire or another disaster may destroy the business’s records as well as the property itself. In addition, the value of some losses may initially seem indeterminable — for example, damages to laboratory research that had not reached a conclusion or loss of a business opportunity when time was of the essence.

Our firm maintains professional relationships with numerous experts who assist us with the valuation process. In consultation with experts, we calculate appropriate damages, which might include:

  • Buildings and structures
  • Real property and raw land
  • Inventory
  • Office equipment, technology and tools
  • Heavy machinery and automobiles
  • Data and information
  • Loss of revenue
  • Payroll while the business is not operating
  • Costs of running a temporary office
  • Costs of moving to a permanent new location
  • Debris removal and cleaning expenses
  • Damages to goodwill and customer loyalty

After 50 years of representing businesses and insurance companies in fire and loss litigation, our attorneys have substantial experience handling complex issues related to these damage claims. For example, we can help your company recover if a fire at an adjoining store affected your business despite not causing direct damage to your property. We also consider hidden damages that could cause problems down the road for your business.

Recover for Damage Caused to Your Business by Fire or Another Disaster

Friedlander Misler is dedicated to representing businesses and insurance companies in property loss claims. To discuss a fire or other property loss claim with our experienced litigation attorneys, call our DC-based law firm at 202-872-0800.

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