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11 Jul

Friedlander Misler PLLC is pleased to announce that Washington, DC’s highest court has affirmed a workers’ compensation judgement in favor of firm clients, Georgetown University and Travelers Insurance Company, following an oral argument by Member Jonathan M. Marlin. On June 15, the DC Court of Appeals affirmed a Compensation Review Board (CRB) decision that petitioner Christopher Honemond, a Georgetown University maintenance mechanic, was not entitled to modify a prior Order that concluded he had failed to prove by a preponderance of the evidence that he sustained causally related mental health injuries, and further that Honemond is not entitled to disability benefits. The litigation, ongoing since 2017, stemmed from a June 2016 work incident in which Honemond had descended into a manhole on the Georgetown University campus to turn off a steam valve. The aforementioned decision by the DC Court of Appeals was based in large part on the principles of […]

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