Leonard A. Sloan


Leonard is the co-head of the firm’s Corporate and Business practice group. With a strong accounting and business background, he has spent more than 40 years practicing Commercial Law. He represents a substantial number of the major financial institutions in the D.C. area, handling a wide range of sophisticated financial transactions. Clients include banks, financial institutions and business entities.

Friedlander Misler’s Real Estate and Business/Transactional practice is known for its strong commitment to the community as evidenced by its history of representation of families that have been in Washington for three or more generations. The size of the firm maximizes our ability to represent clients well without compromising the personal quality of our relationship with them.

Leonard also represents clients with real estate, corporate and business law interests, as well as those with Internet-related businesses. He has documented, negotiated and closed loans, credit facilities and debt arrangements totaling more than $1 billion. Leonard also has negotiated “global settlements” within family disputes that involved complex financial dealings and complicated emotions, demonstrating his ability to balance the needs of multiple personalities and entities. Leonard has negotiated real estate leases and/or property acquisitions for several major D.C. law firms, represents area law firms and other professional groups in partnership creations, disputes and/or dissolutions, and he arbitrates and/or mediates private disputes.

Leading the firm’s Alternative Dispute Resolution practice, Leonard regularly serves as a Master, Arbitrator or court-appointed Mediator. In these sophisticated and complex business cases, his resolution rate is approximately 95 percent. In a significant number of those not resolved, subsequent court rulings have confirmed his recommendations.

On the basis of his extensive legal, accounting and business experience, Leonard has a sophisticated understanding of business concepts which enables him to grasp “big picture” issues within both intricate business transactions and complicated interpersonal relations. He is well known for his ability to bring transactions to completion. Leonard considers it a tribute to his work that he is frequently asked to represent lawyers and clients who previously were adversaries.

Leonard is active in civic and religious community affairs. He has served as legal counsel for several non-profits including Adas Israel Congregation, the JCC of Greater Washington and the Jewish Foundation for Group Homes, among others. He was the Founder and President of FWB Bank and Chairman of FWB Bank’s Loan Committee. He served as President of Woodmont Country Club and The Falls Golf and Country Club, and has also served on committees and boards of several local non-profits.