Hostile Work Environment / Sexual Harassment

Representing Management in Employment Matters

Friedlander Misler is a Washington, DC-based boutique law firm that has represented management in employment matters for 60 years. Much has changed in the laws governing sexual harassment since we first opened our doors, but our dedication to helping businesses create a harassment-free environment has steadfastly remained the same. Our preventative approach to the issue of workplace harassment avoids litigation that would otherwise cost a business substantial time and money and disrupt employee satisfaction and productivity.

We recognize that your diligent efforts to build a harassment-free workplace cannot always prevent a complaint. We aggressively defend your interests if an EEOC claim or lawsuit is filed against your company.

Helping To Build a Harassment-Free Workplace

An employee may allege sexual harassment by a colleague, supervisor or client who may be a man or woman and of the same or opposite sex as the claimant. The claim may be based upon a single egregious action or frequent offensive conduct that creates a hostile workplace.

Our firm helps employers avoid harassment in the workplace by implementing clear, effective employment policies that address all harassment scenarios. These policies should be clearly expressed in your employee handbook in addition to the procedures for an employee to report sexual harassment to management. We also often recommend training programs and other methods of notifying employees and management about your company’s intolerance for improper conduct.

Upon receipt of a harassment grievance, your company should follow a well-defined process for rectifying the problem immediately. In most cases, a quick, effective response neutralizes the issue at the internal level.

These preemptive steps not only typically prevent a grievance from being filed, but also lay the basis of your challenge to harassment allegations.

EEOC Complaints and Lawsuits

Your company may do everything right yet still be the target of a sexual harassment complaint or lawsuit. Our attorneys guide companies through the EEOC system. We collect crucial evidence that supports your defense. Examples of viable defenses are: the employee did not clearly indicate that a sexual advance was unwanted; the employee failed to report the harassing event to management; or, the offensive conduct was a one-time minor occurrence that did not rise to the level of harassment or hostile work environment. We remain a part of the EEOC investigation, advising you of your rights and strategizing your defense. If appropriate to the specific circumstances, we may negotiate the most equitable settlement with the claimant. If the case goes to trial, our litigation attorneys build a solid defense that protects your financial interests and reputation.

Protect Your Company’s Interests Against a Sexual Harassment Claim

Learn what steps your company should take to avoid a sexual harassment or hostile work environment claim and protect your interests if an employee files an EEOC complaint or lawsuit. Schedule a consultation with our knowledgeable employment law attorneys by calling Friedlander Misler at 202-872-0800.

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