Corporate and Business Law

During our more than 60 years in practice, Friedlander Misler has helped numerous regional family-owned business and large national companies create and restructure their businesses. In fact, many organizations we helped form have been in existence for almost as long as our half-century of practice. Our firm assists with LLCs, joint ventures, C corporations, S corporations, not-for-profit corporations, general or limited partnerships, and registered limited liability partnerships.

Whether you are an entrepreneur who wants to turn a great idea into a business, partners planning a joint venture or an existing corporation considering a merger, our lawyers can assist you.

Business Formation

The decisions you make from the start can pave the way for your business’s success. One of the most important first steps for any new business is properly setting up the most desirable structure. Our corporate counsel analyze your business’s purpose, types of goods or services, immediate goals, long-term growth projections, and operations to advise you on creating the appropriate entity. We consider also tax liability, personal liability, financing and the relationship between principals to guide you in laying a strong foundation for your company. In addition to the creation of your business entity, we draft operating agreements, partnership agreements, bylaws, company policies, employee handbooks and other documents you will need to support your business.

Mergers & Acquisitions

A merger or acquisition of a company often involves debt or equity financing and structural changes to an existing business entity or the formation of a new entity. Our attorneys who practice in this area have a background in corporate finance and commercial lending, and have the ability to understand the legal aspects and risks of a deal to better assist you in fulfilling your business objectives.

Joint Ventures and Corporate Projects

A joint venture or the right corporate investment can provide the necessary capital to finance a real estate development project. However, as with any other partnership, the manner in which you structure the real estate entity can drastically affect its success. Our attorneys address the division of control, the allocation of profits and costs, your exit strategy and other important matters related to your corporate or joint venture provisions.

Succession and Dissolution Planning

While doing all we can to ensure your company’s success, we also prepare for every eventuality. We help with succession planning so that, should a principal die or leave the company, your business can continue to run smoothly. In the case of a family-owned business, a clear, well-considered succession plan can prevent rifts between loved ones as well as divisions within the company. Also, we can create partnership and investment buyout provisions to avoid disputes should your company dissolve at a later date.

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