Insurance Coverage Opinions and Litigation

Representing Regional and National Insurance Companies

Friedlander Misler represents regional and national insurance companies in claims investigations, settlement negotiations and litigation. Our boutique litigation firm was founded more than six decades ago in the District of Columbia and we represent companies in claims throughout the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia and other jurisdictions.

We assist companies at every phase of the claims process. Our team prepares clear insurance coverage opinions that help guide companies in making the right decisions that comply with the law and the contracts with policyholders.

First Step in Resolving an Insurance Claim Dispute

The first step in the claims process is determining whether the claim is covered. Each claims scenario is unique and may raise particular questions of law and fact. When a dispute over coverage arises, our firm thoroughly analyzes the specific facts of the given situation to determine whether the claim is valid. We meticulously assess the language in the policy and the applicability of federal and state regulations. We write informative opinions that advise clients on the specific matters that occur in each claims dispute.

Our attorneys draft opinions on policies pertaining to:

  • Commercial general liability
  • Commercial vehicle
  • Commercial property
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Professional liability/ errors and omissions coverage
  • Directors and Officers coverage
  • Data breach and losses
  • Umbrella policies
  • Excess policies
  • Reinsurance policies
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Avoiding and Resolving Coverage Disputes

We can help you avoid unnecessary costs of fighting a valid claim or paying an uncovered claim. Based upon our opinion letters, we help you make the best decisions about whether to pay or deny a claim and whether to settle or litigate. Our coverage letters offer evidence to support your decisions so you can clearly explain your position to policyholders, which is especially important if you are fully or partially denying a claim. In addition, our opinion letters lay the groundwork for taking a claim to mediation or litigation. In the event a denial of coverage is challenged, we aggressively represent our clients in courts in the mid-Atlantic area.

Consult Our Lawyers for a Clear, Informative Coverage Opinion Letter

Friedlander Misler drafts well-researched, thorough opinion letters related to all types of commercial insurance coverage and guides clients on making the best decisions regarding a claim. For more information about how our insurance defense practice can help your company, schedule a consultation with one of our experienced litigation attorneys. You can reach Friedlander Misler at 202-872-0800.