General Liability Defense

Representing Insurance Companies and Businesses in Claims Resolution

Founded in 1964, Friedlander Misler has a history of success representing businesses and insurance companies in the DC-Maryland-Virginia area and throughout the United States. Our boutique law firm is well regarded for our dedication to the ethical, professional practice of law upon which our firm was established. We are equally known for our forward thinking approach to our clients’ cases and our diligence in remaining current in case law and regulatory issues that affect our clients. Our general liability defense team protects our clients’ interests at each phase of the claims process.


Our firm handles challenging defamation claims involving online publication, print publication and visual media. We represent clients connected to a variety of industries that regularly face these types of accusations.

Bodily Injury Defense/Premises Liability/Auto Liability

Our law firm defends businesses against personal injury lawsuits, including injuries on the premises and in connection with a commercial vehicle in the company fleet. Whether the claim against your company involves a slip/trip and fall or a bus accident, we are prepared to assist from day one. We are effective negotiators if settlement is the best option for your company. If settlement is not feasible, our polished trial lawyers present a persuasive case to jurors and judges.


Our lawyers conduct thorough, timely investigations into casualty loss claims that assist your company in making offers that represent the true value of damages to the claimant. Often, our due diligence uncovers exaggerated claims or invalid claims, so you have the information you need to back up your partial or full claims denial. We also may uncover fraud and take steps to protect your company’s interests and recover any damages caused by the scam.

Our investigations help businesses and insurance companies successfully prepare for settlement negotiations and litigation. Friedlander Misler regularly engages in complex litigation involving high-stake, multimillion-dollar claims. We know what businesses and insurance companies need to prove at trial to win and we direct our investigations accordingly.

Insurance Coverage Opinions and Litigation

The insurance coverage opinion is a vital first step in resolving discrepancies and disputes in claims processing. Our attorneys meticulously analyze the facts of the accident, calculate the amount of damages, review the insurance policy and apply relevant law to write clear, informative insurance coverage opinions that guide you in the decision-making process. The opinion gives you the evidence you need to support a claims denial or payout and forms the basis for pursuing settlement negotiations or litigation.

In the event the coverage position is challenged, our litigation team will defend the denial of coverage in Court.

Professional Liability

Our attorneys defend professionals and corporations against errors and omissions allegations. We protect your financial interests in directors and officers liability lawsuits and other professional liability claims. Because E&O claims are so common, we assess your current insurance to make sure you have adequate coverage. If a client or stockholder files a lawsuit, we take decisive steps to mitigate damages to you personally and to your company.

Property and Fire Loss Claims

Our legal team counsels commercial entities and insurance companies on matters related to business property and fire loss claims. We have substantial experience in valuing property and calculating damages to assets, inventory, real property, data, revenue and other recoverable losses. We have defended many cases involving subrogation claims for property lost to fire allegedly caused by our clients.

OCIP and CCIP Risk Management Programs

Whether you are an owner of commercial property seeking to renovate and expand, or a general contractor hired to build a large residential or commercial property, Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIP) and Contractor Controlled Insurance Programs (CCIP) are often a cost-effective way to insure your project. The lawyers at Friedlander Misler have broad experience in handling losses under such policies, and frequently advise clients on how best to proceed in managing claims made by subcontractors or others under these policies.

Construction Claims and Litigation

Our attorneys have spent decades representing owners and insurers in construction claims involving industrial, commercial and residential property. When your contractor fails to build your property to spec, when defects in construction are discovered after substantial completion, and when your warranty claim is not honored and attempts to negotiate fail, turn to the experienced attorneys at Friedlander Misler to assist you in making sure the responsible party covers your loss.

Learn More About Commercial and General Liability Litigation

Friedlander Misler helps your business or insurance company limit exposure to commercial and general liability litigation, mitigate damages related to liability claims or prosecute your construction claim. For more information on the professional services we deliver, call our firm at 202-872-0800.